SS7 163 Getting Ready

skyangel on Sept. 17, 2022

Just to remind everybody, the Wedding the girls are getting ready for here is Sarah's old school friend Geraldine. I know our regular readers will know this anyway but for those who may have just jumped in I thought it might seem a bit confusing especially as Sarah has only recently suggested the idea to Janey too!

Because Becky was held up on finishing the colouring last week she did suggest I put up the b+w line version until she was finished and I told her I'd considered it too but at such times readers have always said they were happy enough to wait. When the page came back this morning it reminded me just how much the page comes to life after Becky has coloured them for us. She's been a part of this comic since 2013 which means she's coloured a pages for us almost every week for about 9 years! I must of course also mention how fortunate we've been to have the equally talented Emma Clare colour the majority of our earlier pages previous to that.

Next week: The fun begins when they arrive at the Registry Office and Janey comes face to face with the school bully who nearly killed her many years ago!