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SkylerVane at 7:38AM, March 25, 2008

Optionally a part of the “Building Centriiost Universe” series of tutorials…

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{NOTE: This is, until otherwise announced, a major work in progress. ALL constructive feedback is welcome, but preferably from those who can speak out of experience. My bumbling ineptitude is quite enough on its own, I am sure.}

This tutorial has a tendancy toward specifics which will not be of interest to most casual readers, as it is primarily crafted for use in connection with the Centriiost Universe Project(CUP). However, many points of consideration will logically hold true no matter the nature of your project(s), so the use of this tutorial by any interested parties is welcomed and is obviously permitted.

It is fully expected that many of the writer/creators who utilize this tutorial will become Planetary Masters for the CUP. It is a long process, but the preliminary steps are fairly straightforward and easy. Refining later is based on the needs and feedback of assistant and “borrower” writers who work with or from the materials of a Planetary Master.

Points #a are the main “world building” aspects which I suppose might be a common denominator no matter the nature of the involved project. They are expected to grow in number, perhaps indefinitely, and to be revised and amended many times. They tend to be more general in nature than the following…

Points #b are the Centriiost Considerations(CCs) factored specifically into the Centriiost Universe Project, which CUP Planetary Masters should make at least preliminary note of and determine the importance or unimportance of in connection with their materials. Certain factors will have to be addressed at least in passing if not featured in various aspects of various materials. The CCs points are expected to grow and “evolve” as time goes on and as feedback - especially from the Planetary Masters - is provided.

All would-be Planetary Masters are expected to seriously consider providing a feedfack commentary, however extensive, concerning whichever points below they feel they can improve and expound on. I may be starting this but I do not expect nor should I need or do I desire to finish this alone… I am only a very small cog in CUP.

It is entirely possible that a specific tutorial will be crafted and released for each of the development aspects listed below. Links will be provided to them herein this general tutorial if/as they become available…


1a: Racial Physiology(ies): You're the creator, craft them however you want, however you can imagine. All the eyes and ears and limbs you want. Or none. I'm sure I don't have a clue what you can or are inclined to come up with. It's your show…

It may start differently for others, but for me it all begins with a race, because the physiological nature of your race(s) might suggest various things about their environment and culture. Alternately, there a probably dozens of other ways to approach the physiological design of your race(s), but you will likely favor one or two and adapt your approach as you need more variety. For instance, I have conceived at least one race based on unique elements of a planet, rather than the other way around. The actual physiological designing phase for most of your races might be very short, depending just how simple you desire their transmutation to be via anthropomorphisation. Mutations, crossbreeds and “multifusions” will take more time and crafting by their very nature. As your preferences incline…

1b ~ CCs: Conceive your race(s) as you like in general, but there are some suggested limitations I prefer you keep in mind for the CUP; no extra eyes, ears or limbs, though if you can get technically creative, I can appreciate it. For instance, an unusually shaped ear that looks like more than one. The incorperation of wings - whether enabling flight or not - will be a highly limited physiological feature. Winged anthro specimens are fairly popular; the popularity of entire races with wings is less certain, but high interest in such a physiological trait is anticipated.

I have a very low “wierd” threshold, so try not to get too wild. I am mostly a traditionalist with a keen interest in bending and twisting the norms creatively while remaining conservative in most cases. We'll worry about being less orthidox about the CUP anthro designs when we start running out of seed species to model from. Which will be a good long while and might even mean that the number of the following will end up being quite a limited percentage of the total races listing…

Crossbred and altieristic fusions, “natural” mutations and sub-species are just as much desired, but practicality suggests that a good many straight feral t-o anthro conversions should be addressed and developed first to flesh out the initial race listings for CUP; most of the primary races I have factored in myself - the Unicoes, Fowlkyrrions, Wolpheenics, Minaoians and Llitalnese - are all direct “transmutes”.

3a: The God-beings Factor: Either your universe has them or not. If it doesn't, then lumping strange occurences and “real majik” into the category “Supernatural” becomes rather a necessity. Myself, I prefer that the “supernatural” has a source and so I favor having god-beings. Brushing off unexplainable occurences as “mysteries” just seems cheap to me. Besides, you can have a lot of fun with god-beings and they can be a very useful crutch to fall back on in many plot pickles.

3b ~ CCs: You absolutely have to decide if you want your race(s) to be ruled by an aeviantial god-being and affected by their agents, the niervaa. Whether or not your race has tie-ins with the Aeviantials and the Niervaa may affect many further aspects of your race(s) and their culture(s).

The Aeviantials: Large(22' - 40' feet and a matter of circa 1 - 4 tons), often beautifully feathered dragons, those in power are usually brightly colored and intricately marked, whether naturally or altierisnically or with physical dyes and paint. Often twisted and cruel(either by nature or under authority of another aeviantial), they tend to think of little but eating and enjoying comfort and sensual pleasures and toying with those of the races under their control…when they are not themselves concerned with the matter of their personal survival. Shy and secretive for the most part, they fear their enslaved (anthro) minions and so often keep themselves from plain sight and direct contact. Aeviantials serving others of their kind - in a variety of rather undesirable capacities - tend to be less attractive, perhaps ill kept and maltreated. As a result, these unfortunates tend to soften in their views of the anthro races and may come to learn to feel sympathy and mercy. Many of those of lesser power and authority are constantly seeking to gain more through various strategies, though very carefully if they are under suspicion of doing so or if they are in direct service.

The Niervaa: Generally around 3' feet in length/2' feet in height, partly furred and partly scaled, with short limbs, traditional paws in the rear and grasping “hands” in the front, often with cranial protrusions of some description, whether sharp horns or nubs or crestplates. They are more comfortable on all fours, but they like to stand and walk in imitation of the anthro races soas they do not feel inferior. Created by the aeviantials as personal slaves and agents, the niervaa can be born of aeviantials by altierisn or breed among themselves. As slaves, they serve their aeviantial masters/mistresses physically as attendants, decorating and masaging them and acting as entertainment. As agents, they are empowered majikally to passively influence and directly control various anthros for goodwill or maleovent purposes and to in turn empower them, also serving as spies and messengers, commanders and companions in various scenarios. Niervaa are capable of strong self development patterns, but as a whole tend to be very imitative, even when mature; by design, so that an aeviantial may fashion the mind and personality of a niervaa to taste.

5a: Technology and Majik: Sort of depends on whether you are keen more on the Sci-fi or Fantasy side of things and whether or not you have sure knowledge of various sciences. For the sake of possibilities a mix can be handy, if perhaps harder to manage. It's your picnic…or funeral as the case may be.

5b ~ CCs: Decision of 3 suggests, but does not definitely dictate, the technological status/progression of your race(s); a)low technology/high majik, b) low technology/low majik, c) high technology/low majik or d) high technology/high majik. All of these combinations are possible because in many cases, advanced technologies are/will be tied in closely with majik and the historical presence or sudden absence of Aeviantials and/or exposures to technilogically superior races.

7a: Technologies(general):

7b ~ CCs:

9a: Majikal Abilities/Powers: Seen in movies and TV, read in books. Coming up with something new in this aspect must be a real challenge by now. No matter. Crack away at it if you want to…or don't if you don't.

9b ~ CCs: For the CUP, the maj-element types are: Firel, Florn, Osean, Phoar, Lecto and Alkem. The last is the most versitile and powerful, encompassing the element natures of the other five and able to combine them. Most of the aeviantials ruling planets are Alkems, powerful enough to have kast portals from there realms of origin to a planet far away; only Alkems can kast such portals.
Get as wild as you want. I'm going to be doing some crazy things in this aspect myself… The aeviantials can do just about anything and the authority they extend to their niervaa agents, who in turn kast various abilities to favored slaves and companions among the “seeers”, yields just about any sort of ability in harmony with the Maj-elements. Keep it mellow per character as a rule, though. Very few characters are made very powerful in any one maj-element unless they are the favored representative for that element. Those who are such should probably be reserved to fill a major role, so please do not use such characters casually…use them carefully and strategically. I am not one to talk in this regard, but use your head and watch how you craft things. The aeviantials and the niervaa are the superiors; only in rare cases will any of the anthro “seeers” become more powerful than many of the niervaa surrounding them. Weak niervaa will not be altogether a rarity, however, as well as aeviantials of various lower ranks. There will be selective exceptions to most rules, but those will be very special cases and will be introduced rarely and with considerable plot/role planning beforehand to make sure that characters in such instances are not inconvenient or easily workable.

11a: Star Systems two if you want to get really fancy with the orbits of your system's planets, but I suggest in that case you make friends with an astronomical gravities laws expert. Two suns notwithstanding, determine the number of inhabited planets you want, stock them with races and fill out the system with as many non-inhabited planets as you deem necesary or appropriate. There is hardly anyone to say you “nay” and very unlikely anyone of consequence to say so.

11b ~ CCs: At this time, I generally prefer one lifestar and only up to 4 inhabited planets in a system. The balance can them be made up with from 1-10 uninhabited and nonhabitable planets. Keep the total number of planets from 4-14. As many moons as you desire. Just keep in mind that the more moons artists have to factor into the arts for your planet(s), the less they will probably like it. A general pattern is as follows: A single race in a system, inhabiting its home planet(s); multiple dissimular races sharing a system, each with their own planet of origin; multiple dissimular races sharing a system and sharing several planets, each race originating from only one planet; multiple simular races*, each unique, sharing a system and perhaps planets within it.
*The Wolpheenics, Fowlkyrrions and Minaoians are each comprised of simular races with unique physiological traits, sharing for the most part their star systems of origin.

13a: Major Locales/Plotroles: What natural and artificial topographical features makes the planet(s) your race(s) live(s) on unique or at least noteworthy? Structures and natural wonders and cultural importance all need to be considered. Is there a very large underground city? Some unusual sort of mineral? Is the planet a center of commerce or learning in its system or for many systems around? Is it a major military cog or a seat of local government? Particularly harsh in its climate? A ravaged crossroads of space fleets? A haven or a horror? Is/are its race(s) particularly noted for something about their culture? Have you crafted or will be crafted a major and unique history and/or series taking place on your planet(s) which will have to be factored into other series or into the overall plot arc of CUP?

13b ~ CCs: For the sake of variety, featured locales of note for CUP planets will be kept to 1-5 for now, depending on their nature and just how “original”/unique the concept behind them is. Importance concerning plotroles is unlimited as long as you are not factoring in outside influences which are not yours to do so freely with. If you want to solidly and safely factor in the involvement of other races, you will either have to invent them yourself or borrow them from another Planetary Master with her/his full permission, whether or not he/she also aids you in your work.

A prime example is the planet Centriiost itself. It's role is as the seat of the self-proclaimed mistress of the entire aeviantial race and as the site of an epic struggle for power between a great many of the CUP races at the will of this mother-goddess character. In the assumed larger picture of Centriiost Universe, Centriiost itself will have very few truely unique topographical or industrial/technological features; in the aspect of plots and role, Centriiost will end up being among the most important. 80+ inhabited/habitable planets really does not leave a great deal of room for unique features, but with some planning and a methodical approach a consistant variety can be maintained concerning aspects and plotroles.

15a: Weather Patterns/Climate Zones: Earth is the best pattern, of course. And if you know anything about meteorological influences based on topographical formations, then you are up on many others who have no knowledge in this regard. You can craft regional and zone weather patterns however you think best, of course.

15b ~ CCs: Factoring in an aeviantial god-being makes crafting the weather patterns for your planet(s) MUCH more interesting and fun. Depending on the maj-element of your aeviantial god-being(s) of choice, certain weather types can be more dominant and the reasonable weather patterns for various climate zones can be messed with to a greater or lesser degree. Snow in the desert you want? Especially if your god-being is a Phoar aeviantial, you can have it. Boiling lakes and seas? Firel does the trick. Beautiful black and green vegetation growing in permafrozen and laveous areas? Florn will bloom as you wish. What fun being an aeviantial if you don't mess with the weather a little if you can?

17a: Fauna/Animals(general): Gotta have ‘em. Well, not necessarily, but things would have to be otherwise interesting without them. What will the carnivore races on your planets eat? You get the point. Gotta have smaller/larger/dumber animals to make things more interesting.

17b ~ CCs:

19a: Flora/Vegetation(general):

19b ~ CCs:

21a: Governmental Systems: Every race has one, even if it boils down to individuals to the point of Freerun. Every individual is a law unto themselves, but perhaps tribal Matri/Patriarchs spring to your mind first as one of the earliest governmental systems. And then perhaps not, but I am NOT going to list different forms of government here… Perhaps best to work with what you know or prefer. Or to avoid both and work with something on the middle ground or a hybrid mixed to your liking? Whatever you feel fits your races and your own abilities. Don’t make it too hard on yourself if you are intent on crafting alone. If you are fortunate enough to have a co-creator/writer, you might be a little more daring.

21b ~ CCs: I daresay everything has been tried in real history or in fictions, so I don't expect any new ground broken here. Do what you want. It doesn't even have to be reasonable or make sense, just so long as you can carve a society and a plot out of it, whether you make that determination or someone else does - perhaps me. But my opinion hardly counts for anything as I feel anything can serve as long as thought is put into things and consideration given to the possabilities.

A general rule here would be: If your planet is affected by a ruling aeviantial, dictatorships, monarchies and rule by religious authorities is more common. On a planetary scale, those weaker are often subject to the stronger. Communism, Democracy, Republics and Hierarchies are more common for races/planets which are free of aeviantial influence, whether all through or in just recent history.

23a: Armed Forces Command Structures:

23b ~ CCs:

25a: Space Fleets:

25b ~ CCs:

27a: Ground Armies: Hardly matters the past history of any technologically advanced races prone to warfare at one time, if not contemporarily, they fought with small bands or entire armies of skilled warriors and/or foot and mounted soldiers “of the line”. As in reality, the mutation from personal to impersonal warfare might be expected, but also as in reality, within the sphere of an atmos, grounded and mechanized soldiers will often still be a mainstay of forced conflicts. Nonospace conflicts which do not involve planetary invasion are an exception, of course.

27b ~ CCs: Creative exceptions to the above “rule” are certainly welcome. Offhand, for instance, a planet on which peaceful interelations between its races has been the norm for milleniums, might suddenly come under the influence of a newly arrived aeviantial. Either through this aeviantial or due to contact with technologiically advanced and expressively corrupting races from offplanet, access to new thoughts and equipment becomes available and may be seized upon, depending on the nature of the cultures involved. Following the common pattern or finding a way to break it with good crafting are equally desirable.

29a: Hydro Navies:

29b ~ CCs:

31a: Space Crafts/Ships the Centrii have beautiful natural skin colorations in a myriad of shapes and sizes and natures, so the visual appeal will tend to rub off on most of the prouder Beyonder races and those who may be at all imitatively inclined, depending on cultures.

37a: Mechanisms(general):

37b ~ CCs:

39a: Weapons(general): Obviously themed and designed in harmony with the technology and culture of your race(s). No need bothering elaborating here. Well, all right, if I insist… Close-in and distanced combat, unipersonal and mass anti-personnel projectile launchers, siege breakers, small and large reactive munitions systems, ect. This involves mainly handheld, crew-carry and self-contained/towed offensive battlefield/egnagement theater emplacements; anything that moves under its own power/propulsion systems falls under the heading of Crafts and Vehicles.

39b ~ CCs: Either you can conceive and design weapons or not. If not, there are artists and even a club I know on dA which does so. I have even thought of asking if they wanted to provide concepts and designs to CUP as needed…

41a: Hand and Tech. Tools: The drive to get things done - more and quicker - with less effort. Efficiancy they call it. Progress. Seems to be a big thing, despite various drawbacks and serious repercussions. “Hindsight is 20/20”. Oh well… The wheel, the hammer, the hatchet, the knife, the fish hook; the lightbulb, the vacuume, the electric saw and drill, the calculator, the cell phone…not necessarily in that order. Whatever gets the job - no matter its nature - done. And new jobs coming along all the time in and inventive, motivated and progressive culture. Your races will likely need tools, and in that case, probably lots of them.

41b ~ CCs: Reinventing and redesigning for the sake of a more original feel and look is a goal, but don't fry your brains just for the sake of originality in this aspect. Technology wise, I imagine most everything has been conceived of, even if not in mainstream Sci-fi. Simularly with hand tools, though it seems the possibilities of redesign are a bit more open. It really depends on the sort of past and contemporary culture your race(s) has/have.

43a: Trades/Professions: I am not up on medieval era or sci-fi, so I can hardly represent myself as an authority. However, logic and imagination serve well herein this aspect. You can make a good guess and inventing trades and professions is your perrogative. Where I don't know, I do it all the time. Just because it may seem petty and be undignified, doesn't mean a good character can't fill the role.

43b ~ CCs:

45a: Customs/Rituals: This could be absolutely LOADS of fun! Anything you want, social, religious, cultural, trade, government, military, private, public, ect. Spill salt and toss it over your shoulder, don't step on cracks, watch out for the black cat, bow and scrape, gesture, avert the eyes, give a kiss, mutter respectfully, pull the pigtails, flirt, dance, shout, throw something messy, don't play with your food. Need I go on? It seems impossible to avoid them completely, unless your race is ever-changing and completely random in its habits. I realize such traditions as “Thank you” followed by a “Your welcome” are dying out, but they DID exist for hundreds of years and are common on a global scale due to inherant human nature and general customs. So again, take a lesson from the pattern of our own history.

45b ~ CCs: If your races/planets are under the influence of aeviantials and their niervaa agents, plenty of customs and rituals should be invented. Feel free to overdo it and/or get crazy, because even if you decide against assigning various customs and rituals to your own races, other Planetary Masters might like to use them. I'll need plenty of them myself, many more than I will ever care or imagine to invent. If you are not factoring aeviantials and niervaa directly into the culture(s) of your race(s), then I have no problem with many fewer customs and rituals.

47a: Music/Instruments: Music is an almost inseperable part of most cultures. So it stands to reason that unless your race has no ears or just doesn't go in for any sort of fun or leisure from birth until death, you will have to address this point. - About “no ears”; that leaves rythm via feeling, and visual communication, which means vibrancy arts such as drums and dancing in a very visual way for entertainment. Music IS, arguably, a performing art. - You can afford to ignore this aspect only provided you do not intend to address the personal culture of your race(s) too indepth.

47b ~ CCs: As CUP is destined for a very high degree of audio development, you will not be able to escape addressing the issues of music and its instruments with regards to the race(s) you create, unless you are clever enough to work culture completely around it. Even if all you have are general ideas and concepts, those are worth making notes of so that the composers will have something to go on. If you personally want to work around this aspect in regards to the script materials you produce, that is your perogative, but I imagine it will save time and effort in the lng run if you consider the issue, address it as fully as you can and then perhaps leave it alone until it can be finished up when necessary. Perhaps a specialist will be brought in on a volunteer basis to do some general consulting. I imagine there are plenty of artists who will at least experiment with instrument design concepts.

49a: Foods(general): America's apple pie, Swiss chocolate, Chinese fried rice, German saurcrout, Japanses sushi, Mexican fahitas, Indian curry, Italian spagetti. You know how it reportedly goes. Most regions and countries have unique cultural/ethnic foods, even if it is…ugh…snails, frogs or grubs. And don't forget various fruits, berries and roots. Be still my rumbling stomach…and hold your “cookies” down…

49b ~ CCs: For the sake of substance and color, it would be great if you can invent or otherwise conjure up at least a few dishes - unique in either their style or ingredients - for each of your races, based on indigenous flora and fauna and such. Just a little something you and your guest writers can toss in for better flavor to make your races really come alive. In due time an extensive listing of traditional cultural dishes will hopefully be listed for each race…even if real culinary chefs have to be recruited.

51a: Clothing(general): In accordance with technological status and in harmony with the variety of climate zones present on your planet(s). The thickness and efficiancy of the fur of your race(s) is an important factor as well; even ritual, societal status and the availability of raw materials inregion and crafted garbs imported. Variances in bloodline hardiness and racial body tempatures might be considered as well. And don't forget stormgear for regions and seasons with particularly harsh weather.

51b ~ CCs: Nothing more to add really, except that for CUP I much desire that all aspects of clothing are addressed for each featured race. Break it down by climate zones, military and government branches, tribes, social levels, bloodlines, professions and regional sub-cultures, as you are able. If you have no or little interest in designing clothing, then do what you can with your race(s) and then look around for an artist to handle the wardrobes and garb aspect. Make your race good and you might even be able to launch a successful contest to select an artist. I'll help you look. Clothing is going to be an important aspect for many races…

53a: Hair/Fur Styling:

53b ~ CCs: Do whatever you want to fit the culture of you race(s), but when things are drawn together on Centriiost for the contest to claim its soil, the eye-catching skin colorations unique to the Centrii lends the furred races visiting to play up their personal styling advantage over them; you can't comb it, clip it or shave it if you haven't got it, so if you have got it, jaunt it.

55a: Jewelry(and other “accessories”): I am not a jeweler and have designed and assembled few pieces of jewelry in my life, but the imagination just soars. Especially if you don't have to wear it personally… Wherever you can tie, hang or stick it, it can go. Anything goes, as you may perhaps have noticed in todays world across dozens of cultures. Nothing hasn't been done, but there are plenty of ideas which are unfamiliar to the vast majority of the “civilized world” via various media and international commerce. So see it and be inspired or just imagine something “new”.

55b ~ CCs: Again, jewelry is - and is to be - a major thing for many CUP races, especially those that come together on Centriiost, whether originally a part of their culture to speak of or not. Wearing just a few beautifully unique and unusually placed pieces or dripping with them, many of the characters to appear in the series set in the Centriiost system will have a significant percentage of their personal identity made up of the jewerly and other adornments they wear. This includes a good many of the hundreds of aeviantial, niervaa, painthoved and maltrisagon characters to appear in Centriiost, even in passing. Many of the supporting and “extras” characters will be just as attractive as those with one-time leading and serial roles. Political and military authority and commercial status will often be advertised by the wealth - or signs of - worn by characters in various positions of high standing and perhaps further illustrated extensively by what is worn by their underlings, employees, associates and slaves.

57a: Architechture: This aspect speaks volumes about a culture and is almost unavoidably influenced by the materials available and the nature of highly or generally localized, long and short term weather patterns which are consistant or, if rare, adverse enough to effect architectural designs for the sake of survival or piece of mind. Original purpose and multi-functionality, as well as renovations for utilization conversions are factors to take into consideration as well. You can work back to front or front to back or toward the middle from the side, as it works for you. That is, begin by determining what materials are available where and what the various local weather patterns are, then design. Or design and then decide where the necessary materials are located and craft the weather patterns accordingly. Or work from the side toward the middle by first conscentrating on crafting the cultures of your race(s) and then defining the architecture to compliment the culture(s) you have crafted, perhaps building the weather patterns and determining materials availability as you go.

57b ~ CCs:

59a: Passage of Time/Cycles: Easier to convert everything into Earth Years, but as Earth likely does not figure into many original fantasy projects, best to invent variances and at least refer to them if not interclude them at all possible points. I find it rather fun to fool around with things as we know them and fantasy worlds is a great means and excuse to do that.

59b ~ CCs: I much favor Real Earth t-o Fantasy Time increment conversions on all levels, from seconds to minutes, weeks to months and years to centuries. In such an aspect as this we can basically only corrupt the time measurements we know by substituting new increments and periods of time called by new names, and yet compared with RealTime by conversion reference tables we might choose to provide. Sad, but, I do believe, too true. No biggie. You can't reinevent everything, just what you want to and can. Experiment…but don't warp your mind out…

61a: Currency Systems: There just about HAS to be one, even if trade based. A form of currency can be ANYthing you can dream of. So just imagine it…

61b ~ CCs: Exceptions will be entertained of course - the cleverer and more original the better - but as a firm rule your CUP races and planets will be required to have at least a regionwide currency system or two, if not several highly localized currencies. I'm not going to suggest any possibilities because I intend to be greedy in this regard…

63a: Alphabets/Languages: No need to bother if you don't want to. However, creating a fantasy alphabet is quite easy if you approach the matter methodically and build from scratch while looking for ways to do something interesting. The actual rules of the spoken portion of a language is another matter, though, again, fairly easy if you are methodical and if you are not trying to be too original. Alpha-numeral substitutions are not uncommon in basic fantasy languages - James Gurney's Dinotopia for instance. (I admit I know of no others.) If you are brainlazy and yet want to go an extra step, then alpha substitution based on your native alphabet is the natural way to go.

63b ~ CCs: Every CUP race will have at least its written alphabet established. The actual language is also desired, but will not be insistanly pursued for any but those races which are much featured in series which the directing Planetary Master/writer feels the original fantasy language for the race(s) should be incorperated. First will come the translated dialogue - via developed fantasy fonts - then the words of the spoken language in the audio production aspects later on. Lettering in the visual materials will reflect the language native to the planet(s) and/or the featured regions, and the fantasy fonts will be used in the dialogue presentations where desired, “as is” or with full translations. A “common universal” language for CUP will be set as English, probably for the Llitalnese if their unusually diversified culture of interstellar trade and colonization is taken into account. This provides an excuse to use English and allows for the translation factor almost from within CUP.



Julien Brightside at 3:48AM, Jan. 25, 2012

It starts pretty general, but I lost a bit interest in reading this when it became too specific on your own creations.

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