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Building up a female figure REALLY FAST!

Darth Mongoose at 3:15PM, Sept. 2, 2007

Draw a lady in mere seconds!

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This is a follow-on from the tutorial for the male form, This time, it's girls. Again, the focus of this tutorial is to draw passable anatomy fast. I'm not going to go into great detail, just tell you how to build a figure in a quick, no-nonsense way.

Okay. Let's go! The great thing is that you can use pretty much the same skeleton structure when you're drawing a girl as we used in the previous tutorial for drawing a guy! Hello again, skeleton!

So what are the things to look out for when drawing the female figure? Note the larger head in proportion to the body? That's because girls are shorter than men. All the lines are smoother and softer, the hips are wider, the thighs larger and rounder and, obviously, rather than pectorals, the woman has breasts. Remember that, unless you have one heck of a bra, breasts are effected by gravity, so tend to slope gently down from about an inch below the collarbone in a teardrop shape to a point level with the top of the solar plexus. You may notice the lady is wearing knickers. I have found that this is the best way to ascertain that you've drawn the female pelvis correctly. If you can't draw your lady wearing knickers, you've probably made a mistake.

So now, like the guys, let's move onto the fighting! Hooray! Girls kicking stuff in the head! That's what I live to draw.
The skeletons are just the same as before. So simple.

Now onto the ‘fleshing out’, basically do everything as you'd expect from what I said earlier. Only thing I have to note is that the bottom is usually more rounded for girls.

Again, same as with the male version earlier. Refine the lines a little, and note to yourself the direction of the movement for ease of drawing hair and clothes.

Then you get something like that!

Now you try! Good luck and have fun!



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