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Drawing a pretty dang ugly goblin!

zaneeba_slave at 1:41PM, Nov. 9, 2007

tags: goblin

by zaneeba_slave

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This is for people who like drawing free style. I, zaneeba_slave, do not use those wierd skeleton outline things. I find them offensive! HOW DARE YOU USE THEM!?

Anyways, here we go.

STEP 1: draw an eye… like this:

Make it as detailed as you want… Just dont make it this big.

STEP 2: Draw other eye, nose, and laugh marks… Like this:

See her face a little bit? Yes, I said “she.” she's gonna be a witch/goblin thing.

STEP 3: draw mouth and random lines… Like this:

As you can, she's pretty dang ugly so far. She actually makes me want to rape her momma. Can you see the random lines around her face? That adds some… ugly detail.

STEP 4: Draw outline for chin and add more worthless lines… Like this:

SHE JUST KEEPS GETTING UGLIER! AAAAH!!! She also looks kindof like a man. If you are better than me at drawing (and most of you are), you can probably make her look more femenine… Though I cannot understand why you would want to…

STEP 5: add ears and hair… Like this:

The ears are what sets her off from being just a normal, ugly witch at the moment. And yet even after I gave her long, silky, flowing hair, she still is pretty dang ugly! Lets now work on her body to see if we can help her.

STEP 6: Draw neck and shoulders… Like this:

5 bucks says those jugs aint real! And look, everybody! More worthless lines! Her neck looks like a female love hole, and her boobs are too percy to actually be real. She is wearing a low cut dress, which makes men want to puke… just because she's SO UGLY!!!

STEP 7: finish her up with random lines, gross hands, and droopy sleeves.

Give her arms that make her look like she's casting a spell on you… or coming at you saying “MAKE LOVE TO ME!” HOLY CRAP! THATS CREEPY! AAAAH!

and the last, most important thing: COLOR HER IN!

AND BEHOLD! A pretty dang ugly goblin!
hmm… Now that I look at her, she looks kindof sexy. And she might have a good personality to boot!
Enyways, yeah. the end.



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