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Drawing characters quickly: By Tehcomic!

Tehcomic at 8:14PM, Oct. 8, 2007

How to make characters without much effort, using my strategies!

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Characters, characters, characters. They are very important in comics, and even can be objects. Anything that can talk is obviously a character, or at least usually. And if you can't think of a way to draw yours, thats fine! Whether you are drawing them or not anyways…So lets get to the drawing, or copying…Whatever.

Step one: Your choice.
Now, the first thing in making your character is your drawing/making style. The effortless ones I will explain here are stickmen, sprites, and my favorite: ERm…I don't know what its called so…Circle-os.

Sprites are the least effort ones. The problem is that they are from video games and various online games, so you got to search them. And they look….not as good as the rest, usually. Also, if you can't find the sprite, who knows? You might have to pixelate your own.

Circle-os or whatever they are called are my favorite. No legs or arms, circle for head, shoes, and gloves/hands. Triangle for body. Circle o, for the win!

And stickmen are an upgraded version of sprites. (I think) and are very easy to make. Lines make up the whole stickmen, except for the head which is usually a black circle. So be creative with these. They use guns. A lot.

So choose your drawing style and get ready to draw! I used paint for this, so…

Step two: The real part.

Now, get ready to draw! Make your comic. Heres how, if you are new.

A comic is strips of images seperated by thin black lines and numbers to show which one is which step. If you haven't already, draw all the sprites (possible actions) of your character. Skip this if you have done it. Now add the background if there is one, and the platforms of course. (Unless its ivisable, lol) Repeat these steps to create all your pictures in the comic. And when its done, save it as an image.


Save the image not as a .bmp. (No , thing after it) Instead. At the end of the name, put

So its a gif. Thats personally what I use. In the create a comics section, answer the questions/statements until its done. And then its done! Now, if you got all that. Congrats. You've past the boring part. Now get to the fun part and draw!

Not a step: The credits!

Erm…Why are you still here? This is not the boring part, I know. But what you don't know is this is actually the REALLY BORING part. So get out.

Made by: Tehcomic
Inspired by: 8.21 PM Funhaving in kongregate
Spite: Luigi dieing.




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