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princessofbalance at 4:32PM, Sept. 24, 2007

how to make a good expressive character

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you see what's even more important than your art syle or the cleaniess of your lines is the expressions on a characters face which helps the reader to under stand how the situation has affected them.
use a mirror and copy from your own face and encorporate it u=onto your characters along with the shape of the mouths the highlights in the eyes and how the teeth are shaped.

even the shape of the ears can convey expressions think of characters with long ears that you've seen don't their ears droop when there sad or perk up when they're happy,aroused or eager. look around at your favorite artists works.

also the thickness of your lines helps to make the expressions more original. Also think of ways to convey emotion in a way that is different from anyone else.



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