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finding your style

fourobs at 8:18AM, Sept. 2, 2007

finding it

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finding your style can sometimes be hard, the style I`m talking about is finding the write box type you could like say um the one box or the or the strip where you do 3-7 little ones and the third the page now with the one box is for people with tons of ideas and no commitment there are no main charecters every time somthing different like take these for example the far side or the new yorker od non sequitor or argyle sweater now with the far side have you ever seen the same charecter possiblyso you can sometimes make him be in there but not all the time just for about 5 times or 6 or even more but it does`nt make him a main charecter if you have him in all issues maybe a strip is best suited for you or a page but in all catergorys you always need a name for it always and think a while about your charecter or name cause it will be with you until your comics gone the strip can some times be just like a littele thing or you can make a series of srtrips but with a page you need action or a superhero or somthing and also don`t write your words in cursive at all cause its harder to read.



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