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How to draw a troll.

jerry at 8:13PM, March 7, 2008

How to draw a not so good but an ugly troll.

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First you must have the following.
and somewhat worth of art.

Ok, begain with a new layer, call it sketch, as seen here.

Next I just do a sketch of it useing the “ball” system, ball for his ribcage with dip in bottem and balls for shoulder head everything, it helps me tell which way hes gona be looking and such., as seen here.

now some simple details.

now even more details, centering around the face.

Now a drawing of the body, make sure when your done with this, ether delete the sketch or keep it for later use but I dont think you will need it much.

now add shadow and a few discolorations.

Now you begain to add color, do as follows.

continue to color, make sure to put all color on a low level, not below sketch but as low as possible, this way you wont color over lines and shadow and such.

Color the discolorations…

finish up with some shine…

Sign it… and tada! heres the finished product.

Btw make sure you save it as bmp or png, if not it will end up like I did with the tutorial pictures, other then the finished one.

This tutorial is divoted to all my loveing readers of my webcomic “Through a gamers eyes” thank you all! be ye few, be a happy few! ye band of BROTHERS!!! I know its dorky but thank you all!



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