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How to draw realstic and or cartoon animals

Aurora Moon at 7:44PM, Sept. 10, 2007

my tutorial comic, where I teach you how to draw animals you have trouble with.

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one day some friends asked me how to draw animals, and they wanted me to teach them my methods for drawing….
That's when I dediced that I would put up a tutorial page for them and also for all you random people on the net who wanted to learn too.

So you go– Aurora Lessons…. Http://

And by the way, the reason why I'm just posting a link to my tutorial comic instead of an tutorial here is because I'm covering Animals in General, so that means MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF PAGES. You honestly don't want to keep on loading though like 20 pages of tutorial stuff in this page, do you? No, I thought not.

And below is a example of what you'd expect in the link if you click it.



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