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How to use Microsoft PowerPoint to make a Sprite comic

Falconman at 2:23AM, March 12, 2011

A tutorial describing how you can use Microsoft PowerPoint to make a sprite comic! (Note, I use 2003, so some things may be different)

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OK, then. quick notice: I use 2003, so there will probably be some differences.

For starters, after you open it up, make sure you have your sprites. open up a sprite sheet, by inserting picture.

now, there are 2 ways to do this. the 1st way, takes longer. you can open up the sprite sheet in Microsoft Paint, and then open up another Paint, and then get the individual sprites separately. or, option #2, you can simply right click in Powerpoint, and choose Format Picture. then, simply type in how many cm you want to cut off from the Left, the Right, from the top (Up) or the bottom (down). this is certainly quicker, and actually easier. Also, when the bar for that picture appears, click what looks like a pen drawing in a square, (it should be on the right) you can then delete any square around it. you can also afterwards right click, and choose to save the picture, so that sometime later you simply need to load it up.

Listen, make each slide as a panel, for reasons I'll explain later. so, load up your background, and then afterwards load up your characters. position them, etc. then, after you've finished, click save as. it doesn't matter if you've saved before as a powerpoint, but this is VITAL. save as, then, below where you would write what it's called, click below, and choose either PNG, JPEG, or GIF. it doesn't matter which. and just in case, save it again as a powerpoint, you know, in case you want to change something in the originals, because after you save it as a picture, if you don't save it as a powerpoint, then realize that you may have messed up something or something, then you will need to do it all over again.

now then, after you've saved them as pictures, load up a brand new Powerpoint, and then insert your comic's pictures, and, assuming you did them as panels, then load up 4 each slide. size them up, so that they're as big as they can be without overlapping each over. then, save as pictures again, and then you have your comic. :D If you don't believe that could work, or you're curious to see results of doing that, then why not check my comic! or, you know, don't. anyway, your welcome if I helped you. bye!



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