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QUICK AND EASY: Profesional lineart for traditional artists!

Miu3 at 5:48AM, Aug. 22, 2010

This tutorial will show a trick how to fix a scanned lineart so it looks like drawn with a tablet in PC

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First id like to thankyou for taking a look on my first uploaded tutorial or let say a neat trick.
I believe moust of you artist who hate drawing with a tablet will love it ^^

Few months ago i have found a neat way to fix a scanned lineart so it looks like drawn on pc with a tablet.
It is perfect for artists who prefer drawing the lineart in traditional way.

This had been my first try so the draw was a little dirty but you can still see the big diference.
When you do clean lineart with black pen then the results can be verry profesional.
On the botom is the scaned lineart eddited with contrast options so its black and white (yeah…theres actualy blue in this one that ruined it XD;).
On the top is the lineart fixed with easy steps by using a program.
The name is inkscape.
This little neat graphic program has public license and can be used for anything.
You can try it out if you want,maybe it gets useful for your stuff :P

(i believe it explains how to use inkscape the best)


Ps: you have to use the mouse to work in inkscape




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