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Resizeing: what to do and what not to do.

Blaze of merc at 10:21AM, July 7, 2008

tags: resizeing, sprite

A quick and simple guide to resizeing.

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Ok, now resizing is a big thing, if your sprite is to small your readers will not want to read you comic cause its hard to see, though if you resize with out knowing what your doing you can make your comic so blurry its unreadable. now before we start a few tips:

Donot resize in,trust me here is what you will get , now your probably saying “Thats now so bad” NO IT IS BAD, not only does it look horrible it does not fit the background at all and that just make people laugh in a bad way at your comic,trust me its not good.

DO NOT USE THE CORNERS TO RESIZE IN PAINT, i dont know how many comics i have failed at and seen other fail at for this, its not as bad ad the resize, it screws up the background and it makes your comic fail for all eternity (unless you do what i did and remake all your comics) , as you can see with this you dont get the blurry but come on now we can do better then that.

What you should do is take the sprite you want to resize and use the stretch/skew tool, select the sprite you want to resize and right click (mac users, sorry but your up a creak without a paddle if your reading this,i dont use mac and i most likely will never use mac)and you will see this.

now just do whats shown in the next images and your good to go

Well there you go, make sure to do the same to your backgrounds and your one more step closer to being a great spriter.

Last note: This can also be used in larger varrables JUST MAKE SURE YOU END THEM IN 00, such as, 300 400 500 etc, this cal also be used for zoom effects.



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