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The quickest ways to become a better artist...well some are quick

mundy at 4:13AM, Feb. 7, 2008

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Tips on how to improve your art

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1. Practice Funny as it seems actually drawing improves your drawing…I know strange huh? but if you want to be a better artist sitting watching T.V., playing the new Zelda or checking out things on the net are not going to finish that comic page.

2. Life drawing classes I was always a bit sceptical when people mentioned this how the Hell can naked people help with drawing anything other than drawing naked people. It actually teaches you form and often you can find your own style peering through, within 3 months of taking classes I was drawing better than I ever was…plus it helps with pesky feet and hand sketches.

3. Observation I remember downloading some pictures from the web of a place I planned to draw for art class, at which point my tutor jumped in and asked me whether I had been there and taken these pictures and if not don't use them. It's the best piece of advice I've been given, when I took my own photos for ref. I was able to draw quicker and remembered detail that wasn't there in the picture because I remembered its form and didn't simply see a flat image. This also goes for movement and if you feel a little silly drawing people outside remember the power of the pause button on your DVD player.

4. Other artistic pursuits If you're into comics great but remember that often you can pick up tip and hints from other art subjects, painting can help you with your inking technique, sculpture in understanding form, experiment don't simply keep yourself focussed on one thing chances are you'll start to get sick of it.

5. Broadening your horizons This is sort of linked with no. 4 but look at other art, pick up how to books, you don't have to do as they do but you can pick up things that will be beneficial to your art and could prove to be its turning point

6. Study You know those two other tips about forgetting comics well um don't forget them, in order to be a better comic artist you need to study them, check out McCloud's and Eisner's books, work out how to tell a story and different panels. Plus read them and enjoy them and if you don't. Work out why.

7. Do what pleases you This is pretty much self-explanatory, you want to draw a particular way, draw that way, want to layout your pages that way, leave everything to the last minute cause that's when you draw the best then do that, if it makes you happy and you don't really care what other people think why the Hell change your art?



BlueJay25 at 12:43PM, Feb. 3, 2012

Very nice advice =]

inzaratha at 10:41AM, Dec. 27, 2011

I agree completely.

Timeship at 9:33PM, Dec. 4, 2011

Exactly, well put!

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