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Who: Hi, My name is Tim

What: I am the writer, artist, and believer in Achievement Wh0rz and 12 Men Died maing This Strip. I am also married with one daughter and expecting my second in 2010.

Where: Arlington, Texas. I grew up in the north though andat times (mostly the winter)I miss the north… I like snow

When: Achievement Wh0rz: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
12 Men Died Making This Strip: Monday thru Friday (while the ideas come to me)

Why: When I was a wee kid-thing I wanted to be a cartoonist, then i got older and wanted to be a novelist, now I just want to enjoy life doing something that makes me and other happy, so I looked back to my childhood and well is is the result.

How: Using a WACOM board and pen along with Photoshop Elements, a dash of alchemey, and two fists of glory. To this list I have added honey, a dash of butt-paste, three loaves a bread for soup and a table that was recently on fire…

Flurtz: Anytime the product reaches the intended… just like that.

Qweserterbert: I am pretty mellow. I like all kinds of web comics. They dont have to be perfect. Sometimes arts tricky and sometimes writing isnt everyones thing but if you have heart and a passion for what you are doing thereis a good chance I will read it… blame it on fatherhood lol

Comics By 4bit FPS

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A repository for my random thoughts, will update M-W-F, make no linear sense, most times won't probably be even that funny,is drawn with reckless abandon and finally will taste just like chicken... expect little and well, yeah, expect little.
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  • 78 pages |
  • last: July 7 2011 |
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The story of a couple of friends trying to live their dream of making video games and all the pitfalls that follow. Updates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
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  • last: July 6 2011 |

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Scraps is a naive little dog who lives in a world of reprobates and losers.

A collection of random comics about random things :D

'Arctic Blast!' is a comic based on the friendship of a Polar Bear (Brogan), Seal (Hyde), Inuit (Mo) and a lost Flamingo (Tiki).

This is a webcomic about various things. No strict plotline. "Superheroes" and "villains" can be found here, along with randomness, and oddly funny (maybe) characters. People have called this comic "Awesomater!" Updated EVERY DAY!

It's 1958 in an alternative America. A hero is needed to save the country.

CIDP is an exercise in absurdity. Contains: Zombies, dinosaurs, and abundance of mustaches, slam dancing Abe Lincoln, poop jokes, fantastically ugly people and everything in between! Sure to delight, offend or Amuse!

Do you ever wonder what cows and pigs are doing when they aren't eating all our grass and creating greenhouse gases? Me neither, but with Cowtoon I give it to you anyway.

Daron is a weed-smoking, booze-drinking, guitar-playing metalhead in his early 20's. He lives in New York with his roommate Gary, with whom he studies music. They dream of forming a band together, and bring back the 80's. But it's a tough road...

Earl is an everyday guy who is just trying to get through life. Dave is Earls best friend, borderline unstable and an idiot.

Guinea pigs from outer space travel to 19th Century Russia!

Adventures in Lego's grand space theme, featuring sets from the past 40 years.

follow the McEven family and their lives in this humorous webcomic series of story arcs. From the maker of the 2009 featured comic strip "Jerk Wadz"

Follow the adventures of a weird mix of characters.

This has nothing to do with neanderthals. I just think they would have liked my sense of humor. (Manchester, NH)

Follow the lives of a father named Neil and his seven-year-old son Ryan in this humorous strip. (enhanced version of the 2009 featured strip Jerk Wadz)

Earth is having a mid-life crisis. It's been a long time coming. Updates MWF.

A comic as I define it. Wont you please join me in my decent into madness?

The Ghostly spirit has taken control of Bowser and it's up to Mario and Luigi to save the Mushroom Kingdom from destruction.

TED THE TERRIBLE SUPERHERO chronicles the exploits of Ted and Brian, an unlikely duo. Their lives revolve around Ted’s absolute conviction, in the face of all available evidence, that he is a superhero.

Who doesn't love penguins? The answer is Penguin. She's tired of the arctic life and sets out to find stimulation and adventure. All brought to you by the wonderful world of MS Paint!!

A stranger approaches a city. He awoke with no memory, except for the name of this city. He attempts to look for answers to questions he doesn’t even know there, but no one seems to know him. Something is off though, as they need him to save them.

One day we will all be old and useless just living each day as if it were our last, because when you are old it just could be.


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