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Hello, I'm Buddy… Actor, Writer, Diector, Filmaker, and for all intents and purposes Comic artist

I used to create comics back in the fifth grade but i never thought i should show them to people then my best friend Tim convinced me to join this site and share what i have… the only sad part… i dont have 90% of the stuff i've created anymore

i have a WIDE range of different comics that i have done… there's Super Stuper, Sucassalot High, Damion Duck, Fail Comix feat. Rick and Sheldon, The Milkman, Balls, Ace Comix, Ice Comix, Bums and probably some more i cant think of right now

Now for the most part my comics are stick figures or crappy drawings… and they are like that on purpose… that is not the extent of my drawing ability… i just find it funnier that way

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Randomness... comedy... and people being total douchebags... sounds good to me
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This is a line of Comics created over a discusion of what the worst fails could be. Then i started to draw them up. Note Rick is the one with the face, Sheldon is the one without a face, also these are out of order, and all the ideas i drew were mine.
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An extremly, graphicly violent comic. The idea for the comic originally branched off of the thought of trying to create the most grusome deaths possible. The comic stars a friendly Milkman as he is continuosly mauled, maimed, and murderd.

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A heroic quest of frienship and hardship and other kinds of ships.

It's a comic strip that includes a bunch of Lightning Quick Guy characters, and also some other nameless people that are thrown in at random. Read on! It's funny!

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amanda at 5:05PM, Aug. 5, 2009

Hi there. I love the thumbnail to Fail Comics - nothing quite like a stick person on fire! ^.^

Sirbombalot at 12:49PM, July 24, 2009

Wow, we officially have the same trophies. Hiiiiiiiiiigh-fiiiiiiiiiiive!!

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