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Crazy Kuma Mochi
Description: We are a Group of Friends who decided to make our own Manga/ Comic/ Manwha About our Daily lives and Shet :DDD Shet as in….Well Shet :D The Name Crazy Kuma Mochi Really describes who we are! :D Yaaaay!~ Please take care of us! *Bows* <3


Hey Thurr!!!!! Errrrr This is
Crazy! Chyeah! Rofl :DDDD
I'm a 14 Year Old Freshman
I just love to Draw and well, Yeah go on Mah Computer rofl…~ I guess you can call me a Gamer Geek :DDDDDDDDD, but srsly If you do I'm gunna be In Shock o A o" Nvm ferget it! Ya know what? Call me whatever you want rofl..hoe D:<
So Pffft Yeaaaaah~ :DDD I'm the Crazy in this Group :DDDD Nice ta Meet Ya! Let's be great friends shall we? :DDDDD YES WE SHALL xD

~ Xiandrian's intro ~
Lololol :D This is Xia here >:D
IDK WTF I'm doing here = w="
Crazy told me to join O.o So I'm like.. lol wtf? But I'm a sophmore :D 15 years old.. going to be 16 in 9/28/10
= w=" better f**king celebrate it >:D
oh and.. I'm not a pervert D8<
Ffff… fucking Crazy..
just call me Xia = w="

(Xia = Kuma)<~ nope

- Michi's Intro -
Yaho~ (-w-)/ Mochi here~…well my actual name is different, everyone just calls me Michi…but in this im Mochi for some reason owo'. Anywayz~ im actually a nice girl who acts like a motherly housewife. Yes i have a bf thus the me in this manga as a "Lover~" but Crazy just kinda makes me too obssesed =w=. …Me a tall girl for a 14 yr old…yes me 14 and is a sophomore is high school like Xia…will be 15 on 11/11~!Anywayz~…Xia IS perverted XD. Well enjoy our comic (=w=)b

- Miko's Intro -
HeyHey~It's Miko~ = ^ =…lol..IDK what to say..T T…umm…I just broke up with my bf..and..I'm 15 this year, i have same birthday with Mochi~ sophomore is high school, I love SHINee and J-rock~ XD yeah.. enjoy our comic ^ ^

Crazy: OMG XIA!!!! Ur KUMA! ROFL!!!!!
Xia : I'm not Kuma D: you gave me that random name out of no where DX and Michi is obsessed with Jason D8< she's not nice DX< … am not a perv D:
CRAZY: WHAT! But I already made yo name! U know what we'll call u Xia AND Kuma xD!
Xia : Dah hell no D:< XIA ONLY XD

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A comic about what happens whenever we're hanging out or not! WHATEVARRR

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