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Pioneer of the Figured It Out series. I love to tell jokes and have fun. Gaming, Drawing, and writing are some of my hobbies.
I graduated from High School and am attending College to become a Video Game Designer.
I love the Comipo! comic making program, and most of my comics are centered around it.
I also like giving my own perspective on famous mythological figures and monsters, along with supernatural beasts. These manifest in my comics!

Comics By Dragoshi1

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  • 255 pages |
  • last: May 21 2015 |
Kuroi Kasame is no ordinary Japanese High School girl! And her friends and enemies aren't even a bit ordinary in the slightest! Join Kuroi, her best friend Kimi, and more, on their crazy, insane, and hilarious adventures in FIGURED IT OUT!
  • Parody |
  • 7 pages |
  • last: Sept. 30 2016 |
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Figured It Out, but REBOOTED! Figured It Out R is a massive reboot, revision, retelling, remix, and retconned version of the original, featuring old characters you know and love, and new characters I hope you'll love! Join Kuroi, Kimi, and their friends for another romp through their crazy world!
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Shou is your typical geeky high school boy, and religiously plays Minecraft instead of socializing with the others. While playing one day, he comes across a strange staff he's never seen before. As a Creeper approaches, he uses the staff on it, transforming it into a human girl, and transporting it outside of the game! He names her Katsu, and she falls in love with him! Now Shou must deal with one of the most relentless monsters in video game history, and keep her from destroying everything he holds dear! DYNAMITE KATSU! Loosely inspired by the Mob-Talker mod for Minecraft by Flammarilva.
  • Parody |
  • 11 pages |
  • last: Oct. 1 2012 |
The First Spin-Off of Figured It Out! Set years after the eventual end of the Figured It Out comic, Remu the Vampire is chosen to be the new Vampire Lord of her clan! Unfortunately, she's still a bit green when it comes to her clan's "activities", and needs to undergo training to be the best Vampire Lord she can be! Accompanied by a Succubus, Tanuki Twins, a Witch, zombies, and more, she must fight against evil demonic forces, and try to survive until the sun comes up!
  • Spiritual |
  • 1 page |
  • last: March 11 2012 |
Have you ever dreamed you could fly? Like the Birds and Angels in the sky? This is what Meru discusses with Mamosuke, a boy who watched someone die trying to save his life. Mamosuke has rejected the notion of life after death, and remains traumatized and guilt ridden because of the incident. It takes a special Guardian Angel's arrival to help him overcome his inner turmoil.
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A reboot of a canceled comic! Meet Yakano Kaji, a teenage boy who is cursed to change gender...not by hot and cold water, but by getting electrocuted! As he deals with this strange predicament, he'll come face to face with a mischievous dragon, another boy with a female persona, and other misadventures!

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While at camp Jimmy, was magically transformed into a 16 year old girl. See how a 12 year old boy deals with being in a 16 year old girl's body. This is a community project from 'The Wotch' forums. Let us know if you'd like to join.

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