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       The Comic of Awesomeness is my first comic I've put serious work into. Ironic that i'm playing my first “serious” D&D campaign too. Usually I play the dungeon master and fool around, however this time I'm the player! IMMA ROLL D20's ALL UP IN THIS-
       Ahem, my point is that I decided on a cartoony style (the people look like rayman style) and I hope to improve my artistic skills along the course of this comic. I post this comic on my facebook to show my fellow players and DM (cause they get a kick out of it) but I'd like to share it with the internets.
       So here is a comic about a D&D game (even though its been done 132124151 times before). Chock full of meta-game humor and RPG awesomeness. Everything in this comic is mirrored from our game as exact as I can draw it, so if anything rediculous happens, you can bet your socks the dice made it happen.
       P.S. The campaign we used for the first part of my comic is “The Keep on Shadowfell”. If you want to experience D&D just like this comic, grab some friends and give it a try!

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A tale of comedy, tragedy, and a whole lot of D&D! A story completely based on a currently running D&D campaign! The fate of the dice turn this comic into one heck of a crazy adventure. Updates Regularly!

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do you read GOBLINS by tarol hunt?

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