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The Comic of Awesomeness is my first comic I've put serious work into. Ironic that i'm playing my first “serious” D
Ahem, my point is that I decided on a cartoony style (the people look like rayman style) and I hope to improve my artistic skills along the course of this comic. I post this comic on my facebook to show my fellow players and DM (cause they get a kick out of it) but I'd like to share it with the internets.

So here is a comic about a D
P.S. The campaign we used for the first part of my comic is “The Keep on Shadowfell”. If you want to experience D&D just like this comic, grab some friends and give it a try!

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A tale of comedy, tragedy, and a whole lot of D&D! A story completely based on a currently running D&D campaign! The fate of the dice turn this comic into one heck of a crazy adventure. Updates Regularly!

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One Day, Noneko was bored and decided to start doing a Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge on Pokemon Sapphire. And in the true Nuzlocke fashion, she decided to draw a comic about the progress. If you're not familiar with the nuzlocke challenge, it has followin

A evil wizard turned Charles' whole town turned into a kitchen (that's right). Cursed with the body of a SPOON, he has embarked on a journey to find the wizard and along the way, he will meet other "cursed" ones. **UPDATED MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY**

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Come back to us Epico!

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do you read GOBLINS by tarol hunt?

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