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At NOW-DO, we are creating a new webcomic and web novel called, “Modern Life of the Immortals”. The images are hand-painted by a local Chinese artist, and the storyline is full of adventure, humor, and surprises.

You won't regret it :)

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Greed, Violence, Jealousy, Desperation… We are all haunted by these demons, these negative emotions that move us, shape us, and change us into someone else. You might not even realize their affect on you, and if you do, it's already too late. What if instead of changing you into someone else, these emotions transformed into something else? What if the negative feelings in your heart evolved into physical beings? The question is: Would they be your friend or foe? In Hu Che City, this is becoming a serious threat to the existence of mankind. The ancient demons have been summoned to begin the path towards mankind's salvation. Little do they know, of the obstacles that await them all…

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