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Im SMF. I once was on SJ. Then Eddi and Rave were banned. So I went onto the dinner account and bashed admin. He ip banned me and, here i am.

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A young Yoshi shows he's more than people think.

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Luigi Is Fed up with the various aspects of his life. His brother always over shadowing him, the kingdom always dissing him behind his back, and now he can't even sleep. When insomnia meets paranoia, things begin to happen. Evil things. ~By SMF & S.L~

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Lightning Lad at 4:25PM, Oct. 5, 2009

Dis profile needs moar rainbows

Eddi at 6:42PM, Sept. 8, 2009

Whassup faggot :\

Cman at 8:53AM, Sept. 2, 2009

Where's the party?

BlueYoshi at 8:12AM, Sept. 2, 2009

Oh BTW I been on DD for like 3 months

Shadow Lugia at 7:27AM, Sept. 1, 2009


Mart at 6:06PM, Aug. 31, 2009

Hola, SMF. Tiz me Mart. I got bored on sj... Well...cyz dude. ;D

BlueYoshi at 2:11PM, Aug. 31, 2009

ohai SMF

Cman at 6:56AM, Aug. 29, 2009

I am here you wingnut.

Shadow Lugia at 4:06PM, Aug. 28, 2009

I might as well explain a couple of things to you just moved here. 1. You can have up to 2 authors on a comic. 2. To favorite a comic, simply click ADD to FAVORITES at the top of each page. 3. To know whether or not your comic is getting faved, Download DRUNK DUCK NOTIFIER. It notifies you via desktop how many fans you got, when people comment on your comics, as well as when your favorites update. 4. You gradually are awarded trophys that are displayed on your profile. There's trophys awarded to how long you've been here, which games you play here, and forum posting, ect. 5. Feel free to comment/get to know other people and their comments. 6. Have Fun! I'll try to be active here.

Shadow Lugia at 12:32PM, Aug. 27, 2009

I hope you had a good move, and I hope you enjoy your stay buddy! Blue, Eddi, and maybe CMan will be here soon.

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