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I am a self-taught freelance digital artist from Canada who focuses on dark and dramatic, bold, and colorful imagery with a flair for the fantastical. I am adept at Photoshop, Poser, Vue Xstream, Manga Studio, Art Rage, and to a lesser extent, 3d Studio Max and Zbrush. From the examples of work, I have offered you can see I enjoy dark fantasy, medieval, and gothic horror genres. This could be a throwback from my old days playing P&P RPGs.

I have over the years worked with several renowned roleplaying, tabletop gaming, and publishing companies like New Comet Games, Vermin Games, Blasphemy Press, Jester’s Hand Publishing, Kelestia Games, Alternate Realities Studios, Lostlorn Games, and Legendary Games. My works have also graced the pages of Aurealis Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine, BYU’s Leading Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine, New Myths E-Zine, Electric Spec Magazine, Expanded Horizons Speculative Fiction Magazine, and the current cover of Hyphenpunk Magazine.

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Eirgsmoth was once known as the jewel of G’hul. The city whose port brought all sorts of denizens upon its cobbled streets, made its noble houses rich and opened the south to trade befell a horrible disaster. Some years ago the waters mysteriously receded and the earth shook, Eirgsmoth then settled into the sentiment left by the catastrophe. Now surrounded in a quagmire the township rots from marsh beyond the walls as well as the corruption of a desperate once prosperous people. In times like these, the populace looks to deities for relief or noble houses for aid distressed by the knowledge that their lot is in ruin. Cults have riddled the streets with the madness of forgotten gods and the entitled have taken to fighting over the scraps of a decaying corpse. The corrupt are rewarded and the vicious make headway. Only the underworld flourishes. Eirgsmoth feeds upon her children.

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