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Real Name:Warren
Location; The UK, Sutton-in-Ashfield
Personality: You know the kid whos smart, loud, and annoys everyone? Thats me, yet you probably dont know anyone like that because im special ;P
Bands: Godsmack, Drowning Pool, Lordi, Lost Prophets, Rob Zombie etc
Fav Anime: The orange ninja, NARUTO DATTEBAYO!
TV: Dr Who, Family guy, Simpsons, Mock The Week, South park

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Two friends fell in love with the same girl. One was picked, the other was not. One grapsed evil, the other light. They say one moment can change a persons life. For them, one moment will change the fate of all life. Summary probably sucks but please read

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A Naruto doujinshi (fancomic) that takes place 4+ years after the original Naruto timeskip. Characters fans know well have filled the gaps left by their forebearers. Now, a new generation of ninja is ready to take on a threat no one saw coming.

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shino at 9:28AM, April 18, 2008

^w^ YAY I POOP'D!!!

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