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Name: Victoria the Fox

Age: 15

Species: Fox (Duh.)

Gender: You really think a guy would have a name like Victoria?

Side: Good, but I have my moments.

Height: 5'11

Weight: …Never ask a woman that.

Personality: Spunky, tomboyish, somtimes annoying to her friends, fun, immature, but can turn serious when need be.

History: Victoria was the first child/daughter of General Robert Yaminaka III and his wife Faye Yaminaka. As soon as she took her first step in this world, she was trained endlessly by her father. Her father forced her to train endlessly, day after day, without emotion. He never praised her, only punished her when she made a mistake. When Victoria was 3 years old, her mother gave birth to Zu Yaminaka, Victoria's little brother. Around the time Victoria was 5, her father abandoned his family. Victoria begged and pleaded for him to stay. She promised she'd be good and make him proud. Unforutunatly, it did little good. He walked out the door and never came back, with little explaination except for 4 words to his only daughter. "It's all your fault.". When she was 8, and finally over her father, her mother fell deathly ill. She died, leaving Victoria to care for the only family she had left, her younger, 6-year-old brother Zu. It was then that 9-year-old Victoria found her power to make and control fire. She trained every day until she was finally able to control it. Then, when she was 10, her brother vanished. Her one goal in life is to find her brother again. She had her first love at 13, when she fell for a hedgehog named Henry. He proposed to her with a pair of rocket boots. She accepted, but on the day they were to be wed, he never showed up. She wears his boots every day as a reminder of how love can hurt, although she now has a new boyfriend, named Flash the Hedgehog.

Powers/Items: Can make and control fire, has a pair of rocket boots, which allow her to fly, the Nine Dragons Stone, which allows her to make upto 9 exact copies of herself.

My deviantART account:
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What this has to do with you: Nothing, just filling your brain with useless facts.

If someone could make a Victoria Sprite Sheet, that'd be awesome. Yush, I know. Stupid to be on a sprite comic site when you have no sprite. Well, to be honest, I did have a sprite sheet, but it got lost when my Computer crashed, and I REALLY don't want to have to find a new base, so, yeah. Copy and paste the link to my dA account into your browser and go look at mah pics of Vic so you know what she looks like. THE AWESOMEST SPRITE SHEET WINS A COOKIE! =D

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