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starting tommorow i wont be on untill friday

hi its katie
intrest:COMICS movies tv softball and more

if u have the same intrest add meh\
i dont bite … i jus nibble hard

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kakarotto63 at 6:20PM, April 2, 2009

k, i hope u dont mind that i changed the cover just a little. i added a new text bubble so u wouldnt get flamed. im tryin to help wen i can.

kakarotto63 at 5:47PM, April 2, 2009

ya here k?

kakarotto63 at 5:16PM, April 1, 2009

the rod thing in my comic will be explained in due time. i want to have a little suspense plus ppl who will keep reading to find out.

kakarotto63 at 2:03PM, March 30, 2009

wyd u get rid of the gummies? (am i gonna be the assistant, or is nobody?)

kakarotto63 at 2:39PM, March 27, 2009

ur avy is gummy bears? GUMMY BEARS! i thot it was gonna be a bottle of germ-x but since u always talk about the dang things its no surprise. (nice avatar tho)

kakarotto63 at 2:03PM, March 27, 2009

thnx for the offer but DD is my main place on the web. remember, i can help bild TSR! (TSR:that so random)

kakarotto63 at 1:24PM, March 27, 2009

i see... wer now duck buddies 2! if u need help, add me as ur assistant. NOTE: katie wont tell her age, but 4 all u peepl, she cant recieve PQs so dont try to send em.

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