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A long ass fucking time ago, when I was a dumb sixth grader who had no social skills and a tangential grasp at best on writing, I decided I'd try to make comics on this website, then known as “DrunkDuck.” I made a bunch of fake personas for the online world because my paranoid as hell family convinced me that everyone on the internet was some sort of pervert. I later realized that only most of them were pervs. Anyways, this account was one of said personas, although he never really progressed past “Dumbass who makes comics and is obsessed with Megaman.” I told people I was an adult, but unless they were pretty dumb themselves they prolly realized that wasn't the case.

I made three MMBN comics during my short time here, all three of which were worked on over the course of… maybe a month? Prolly more like a week. Anyways, they're gone now. Despite the fact that it's unlikely they'd ever be tied back to me, I still felt embarrassment knowing they existed… even though only one of them had any actual pages because I never uploaded to one and the other was broken because like an idiot I changed the extension when I uploaded it. I apparently deleted the pageless comic awhile back, and then today on June 16th 2023, I finally purged the last of my creative efforts from this website, some fifteen years later.

I dunno why I felt the need to write all that. Maybe I felt the need to contribute something somewhat interesting to this site, I dunno. Apparently I intended to make a photograph or MS paint comic at some point, but over a decade later I dunno what the hell I was talking about now.

And oh yes, before I go, I feel I should mention the one truthful thing I said while on this site.

I did indeed get the name “lil chubby” from My Name is Earl.

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