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I have work on many projects of differnt forms, but rarely releace them for the public to see, this is not do to shyness or doubt of my work; but more about time. The correct time to present a work that i know that i can devote my time and skill to contiue on until the very end.
When it comes to making a project, i want to make them as uniqiue as possible; even when i'm given some excisting materials to work with. To the point where my work have to end, i always like to place a something speaicle rather than something predictable or cheese.
But don't take into the assumption that i'm a snobbish artist that only praise on my work; i take considerations of other peoples work and also learn from it to see how it is done and if i could fuse it with another to make it into a new piece of work.

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A comic about the only human in the MLP universe that have created the most advance civilization, all in the interest of trying to find Luna so that she can become his princess. But his civilization is the only one where he have exploited humanities innovations and imperfection to show that even most innocent of creatures can be multi-layered with negative attributes.

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