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LIKES: Fighting censorship, fostering dogs.

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE: Illustrator for the web video series “Conspiracy MF”

CURRENTLY: Illustrator for some webcomics including “Tendril Puppy”

WHERE TO TELL NORM HE ANNOYS YOU: He has accounts on Twitter, Gab, Reddit, and Parler

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Fake comic covers, collector cards, and ads, sometimes with libertarian political content, sometimes offensive humor. Drawn by artist Norm Karsh, illustrator on the YOUTUBE web series CONSPIRACY MF. Many of Norm’s political cartoons, rejected by the show CONSPIRACY MF are included here, as well as new cartoons, and "sketches". Subjects dealt with include politics, celebrities, conspiracies, superhero battles, superhero teams, sex and love among the political class, more. Personalities dealt with include Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Obama, more. Norm takes shots at political correctness, the republicans, the democrats, more. Norm's comic influences include Edward Kienholz, B. Kliban, Andy Warhol, Rudolph Zallinger. For a narrated version of the comic: TAGS: comedy humor parody editorial jokes politics political advertising advertisements
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  • last: July 30 2020 |
CONSPIRACY MF PRESENTS – Volume 2: Comics and fake ads, sometimes with libertarian political content, sometimes offensive humor. Drawn by artist Norm Karsh, illustrator on the YOUTUBE web series CONSPIRACY MF. The dog character “Tendril Puppy” first appeared in Volume 2 of CONSPIRACY MF PRESENTS, before getting his own webcomic, and then bouncing between his own comic and CONSPIRACY MF PRESENTS Volume 2. Subjects in CONSPIRACY MF PRESENTS Volume 2 include politics, censorship, advertising, more. Tags: comedy, humor, parody, jokes, political, politics, advertising, editorial
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  • 44 pages |
  • last: July 31 2020 |
When cartoonist Norm Karsh released his first webcomic (“CONSPIRACY MF PRESENTS – VOLUME 1”) he included sketches as well as finished pages. These “sketches” were cartoons that were finished more or less, but not quite up to the usual funky standard. When Norm began releasing “CONSPIRACY MF PRESENTS – VOLUME 2”, he didn’t include the “sketchier work”… and so… IT IS COLLECTED HERE in the webcomic now known as “Norm Karsh Mystery Bag”. For a narrated version of the comic:
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  • last: March 9 2019 |
“Tendril Puppy” began as a single panel cartoon in Norm Karsh’s webcomic “Conspiracy MF Presents – Volume 2”. The pup is now going to branch out on his own, as well as appearing in “Conspiracy MF Presents - Volume 2”. Irreverent dog lovers everywhere should dig this one! TAGS: comedy furry funny humor dog dogs puppies
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  • last: Aug. 5 2020 |
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TENDRIL PUPPY (Issue 2) The character Tendril Puppy first showed up in Norm Karsh’s webcomic “CONSPIRACY MF PRESENTS – Volume 2”. Most of the Tendril Puppy comics from “CMF – Vol. 2” were reprinted in a spin-off webcomic titled “TENDRIL PUPPY”, along with additional Tendril Puppy comics. With the new webcomic “TENDRIL PUPPY (Issue 2)”, Norm puts the character of Tendril Puppy aside for a bit. In Issue 2, Norm continues a story about a different character who also first showed up in the webcomic “CONSPIRACY MF PRESENTS – Volume 2” -- the character Pen Pendri. Pen lives in an alternate-universe Argentina… an Argentina where there is societal pressure to dye your hair and eyebrows to match the coloring of actress Zosia Mamet, where Hitler clones run a dance studio, and Pen Pendri escapes his violent home life by writing bathroom-wall verses.

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Aliens turn women into mindless and topless indestructible robot warriors to stop a top secret spaceflight program in the Soviet Union. The comic that started it all. A completed comic.

Kings Club Graphic Novel Volume 1: digital-first. An Italian mafia boss' daughter has to prove her skills during a clan war, while two hired agents of a multitask worldwide mercenary organization are looking for something called "The Joker" in her family. Genre: Conspiracy Thriller Pulp Neo Noir. Protagonist: Leading lady. Twice a week!

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