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who am I, but a gamer with some crazy scheme. I am nothing to fear yet I wander the dark. I'm also good at filming things.

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In a world with a hero, is it possible to have peace? Place your bets now, because we already have a dark double, a malfunctioning chaos emerald, several misplaced enemies, and Amy undergoing an identity shift in this sonic sprite comic.

This ain't your granddaddy's sprite comic.

It's a normal day when a disagreement between Sonic and Shadow leads them to stumble across a castle, and the vampiric ally-to-be inside it. What are you waiting for, start reading!

Story of the rebellion against Dr. Eggman after his claim to rule.

A lone gamer in a night of boredom attempts to download emulators and games ILLEGALLY! The punishment is far more severe than most would imagine... CONTAINS LEWD PIXELS AND HARSH LANGUAGE!! Along with Loads of Laughs!

A Megaman Sprite comic. Follow all Capcom's characters of the megaman serie in a funny (I hope) adventure that will lead them far from home. Will they be able to overcome everything in order to come back? Spoiler alert, they will. But that's not gonna be easy. Update every day ... Well at least I'll try. Special thanks to Darius Drake for his corrections.


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