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Not much to say!I love video games,anime making sprite and regular comics,watching tv and playing football.

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  • Fantasy |
  • 149 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
Epic Brundala Is A Comic Where You Will Meet Vader,Flippy From HTF Godzilla,Achmed The Dead Terrorist And Many More.In PMG Varna High School Someone Is Trying To Steal The Sacred Piece Of Chocolate And 5 Teens Have To Prevent This From Happening.
  • Fantasy |
  • 48 pages |
  • last: Dec. 21 2013 |
An alternate story of Zero.It features new characters,enemies and plot.While Zero is fighting a powerful reploid he is beaten and at the next second he finds himself in the future.What Will Happen?
  • Fantasy |
  • 58 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
This comic is about the life of Eddie a teenager who becomes a secret agent.It's not easy being an agent and soon Eddie realizes that on his way to fight the most dangerous villains on the planet.

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About a teenager named Evan, who goes to a school to teach him how to be a supervillain! But he's no good at it and hilarity ensues!

Leotards rule! Dasien is a superhero in the classic sense. Fun costume. Cool powers. Tons of action. Throw in some relationship drama and kinky humor, and you have Dasien! Superhero girly goodness!

Dead at the hands of a childhood friend, Amber Darrand never knew that life could be so cruel-or death so busy! This is the story of a dead girl who is brought back to life because of a binding contract that has survived the ages between immortals and men

In the future, even machines will need an angel, and one girl is there to fill in that job position, her name is Angel Love; and her dream will cause a whole cyborg city to erupt into a massive gang war.

The continuing adventures of a Melbourne based superhero. Because New York was getting a little crowded.

For over a decade, spanning some 4000 nights written in these journals, Lt. David Day Became HERO BY NIGHT, protecting the innocent and punishing evil wherever he could find it, until one day...HE VANISHED. A Platinum Studios comic! Updates Monday-Frid

At anytime, Larry Wulff transforms into the vicious werewolf known as Lucky Dawg. While Larry thinks Lucky is a ruining his life, Lucky is really a force of good. Lucky does, however, have a major attitude problem. These are their adventures.

Rival Angels follows the story of Sabrina 'Ultragirl' Mancini and her three roommates in the fight of their lives as they battle against the best wrestlers in the world, contend with rivalries both personal and professional and try not to kill each other.

Rated bizarre for: monsters, zombies, cannibalism, school girls, unrequited love (with a vengeance), government conspiracy, chocolate bunnies, angels vs. demons, all that with a limb or two to spare.

Ultimate X, where what we did was take your normal, everyday letter X, pump him full of drugs and booze, sex him up some and chuck on a fine pimp hat.


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