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OK, so I'm going to let my friend write this bio since she who is remaining anonymous for safety/ security reasons loves to write and she has been bugging me for like the last ten minutes so I finally agreed so here we go…
WHO: Wolfywolpy6
WHAT: An overjoyed, optimistic, random, curly-haired, girl who loves to draw, loves wolves, horses, anything having to do with animals (mythical or not), anime, comics, reading, writing, and random funny stuff from youtube, and even the creepy stuff like paranormal/ ghost stuff, and the youtube video series….. “Marble Hornets”. (She recomends to waching it alone in the dark, and to watch all of the response videos too….?), oh and she loves her pet lovebird, Sprite, and her havanese, Mario.
WHEN: March , 28, 1997
WHERE: Wherever she just so happens to be……probably stuck in a book somewhere.
WHY: Her Parents were in love.
HOW: Don't ask me.
Thank you and have a nice day!
………Wow, that was better than I expected. I <3 My bff who is to remain anonymous…. LOLZ

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Ranu, a strange young boy, finds himself pushed into the quest of searching for Crysthel, the Crystal Dragon of All Knowledge and the artifact she is imprisoned within. She's his only chance of finding his long lost friend, but what other powers seek it?

Gaelic, a shape shifting guardian with the ability to become a wolf, faces long forgotten trouble. Betrayed and wounded, hes cast to earth with his friends Hakune and Odina. With the support of a young earth woman, Maysume and a omega wolf, Abba, Gaelic finds that earth is more trouble then he was prepared for. As he is stranded on earth, he soon finds himself racing against time along with others back in the spirit realm as a long forgotten evil resurfaces.

((SECOND COMIC - ONGOING)) Stand alone sequel. It follows two characters – one who lives at the bottom of society and one who lives at the top – coming together in a city to navigate a dangerous situation and learn that they world may not be as simple as they always thought. ((FIRST COMIC - COMPLETE)) Magic was sealed generations ago by Nareth Guren's great-great-grandfather, so how can it be that he finds himself switched into the body of a slave? Now forced to see the world from a new perspective, can he do anything to fix the problems he finds?

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