Who's Murdering Miss Scarlet?: Page 18

Ironscarf on July 18, 2015

You've got to fight for what you want and all that you believe. That's what the Flashing Blade used to say on a saturday morning, sandwiched between Robinson Crusoe and Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. I hope you'll bear that in mind and not judge Miss Scarlet to harshly! Of course, he wasn't high on Quack and he never fought German Shepherds as far as I can recall.
Thanks for all your kind comments and welcome back messages on the previous page! I can honestly say comments left here and elsewhere have really helped with future developments in this comic, which is now set to continue well beyond the initially planned storyline. I now have a whole lot of backstory, so I'd better crack on with the front story!
Skippy, Skippy, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo…