Who's Murdering Miss Scarlet?: Page 20

Ironscarf on Aug. 7, 2015

This page presented a real dilemma. Which of Quince's fine marmalades would be Reg's breakfast favourite? It was a four horse race, with Matron's Peculiar, The Butler's Chunk and Housemaid's Fancy all falling at the final fence. Which would you choose? Feel free to devise your own special cut, according to taste.
I was surprised and delighted to find Awfully Decent Fellows featured on the front page this week. Thank you Kawaii for the generous review and thanks to ozone and the ever supportive team who make the site what it is. And a big thanks to the readers and especially commentors for making this so much fun.
If you're joining us for the first time and wish to comment below, you are guaranteed some kind of half baked response. Speaking of which, please excuse me, I have a prior engagement with a hot buttered muffin.