Seasonal Salutations.

Ironscarf on Dec. 21, 2014

Normal updates will resume after christmas. In the meantime, let me take the opportunity to wish you a very merry christmas. I steal my inspiration from all of you awfully decent fellows!
If you haven't already heard it, Duck user Gunwallace has created an awesome theme tune for Awfully Decent Fellows right here. While you're at it, why not check out his other fabulous webcomic themes. What a terribly talented chap!
Also, Awfully Decent Award recipient DAJB is currently updating a short comic entitled Pyrophobia, with his old Shades collaborator E.C.Nickel. A perfect way to burn of those extra yuletide calories. And don't forget to drop in on Riddick Q Loss, who's recently started updating again on The Duck. (you may want to save this one for after lunch!).
May you all have a succesful 2015, stuffed with joy!