Who's Murdering Miss Scarlet?: Page 14

Ironscarf on March 4, 2015

Theories are like cakes: they, er……. I forgot where I was going with this. Can anybody tell me why theories are like cakes?
By now you'll have noticed what dedicated followers of fashion the Awfully Decent Fellows are. And as a Ducker, you're no stranger to style. You walk with the casual elegance so natural to The Duck. “It's just some old thing I threw on!” you say, yet your clothes and the way you wear them, exude the confidence other hosting sites can only dream of. The breezy tilt of your beret, the exuberant twist of your scarf: these little touches say “I swim with the Ducks”. So if you haven't already, sign up for the fashion event of the year and let's all shake a tail feather as only a Ducker can!
Theories are like cakes: they always, don't…….. damnit.