Who's Murdering Miss Scarlet?: Page 42

Ironscarf on March 28, 2017

Will this message in a bottle reveal the identity of Miss Scarlet's vile tormentor?
Could this be the singularly uncommon shade of lipstick we discovered on page 8?
Was it Henry the mild mannered janitor?
All these questions will be answered soon (not the janitor one), but there's still time to claim your free ADF Swimsuit Spectacular poster!
Here's the science bit:

Post a comment below this comic revealing which ADF character/s you enjoyed most and why. This could include the party guests themselves, or any other person/creature we've encountered along the way
(only one Huglsey per comment please). Once the would be killer is revealed, you will receive your high definition poster by PQ.
And don't forget, this poster may offend some viewers!