Die Eingreifer 2 - Charaktervorstellung

Lemniskate on March 25, 2008

Petra Schellenbach, PHANTASMAGORA or FANTA, 23, student of architecture before her occupation at The Interveners. Possesses the ability to create a three-dimensional illusion of the source of a smell. Because this is a very handy ability for investigations, she's underway alone as well. What a chance for a spin-off series!

Alexander Claydt, ZEITSTAUCHER or KOMPRESSOR, practically shortened as KOMP or tenderly as KOMPI, 25, was a student of mechanical engineering before his occupation at The Interveners. Possesses the ability to compress time, i.e. to slow down flying bullets, falling pianos, walking people etc. to the extent that one can affect them (change direction, knot a rope around it, shave hair etc.), before they catch up on the pending time instantly and cause more physical damage.

Hendrik Ust, AMPHIEB. The strange orthography of his alias stems from him being wanted to be called , not with short ‘i’. 24, he was unemployed before his occupation at The Interveners. His abilities are his tough, resistive skin, enhanced reflexes and agility and that he can breathe under water.

These three are The Interveners, a special police force of the police of Stuttgart. But they weren't always . Therefore here's their origin.

Annotation: when joining regular police forces, they wear standard police uniforms.