The New Arrival

Aaronthewolf on April 30, 2011

The Pilot strip, where we meet the first of the characters and get a look at the school. Now, let's meet Cameron.

Cameron: Ethnicity: American Animation:Sitcom. Cameron is the quintessential straight man, He's just a generally nice guy trying to make the most of his college experience, believing everything will be fun and new no matter what setbacks are thrown his way. He focuses on work but makes time to enjoy himself and let the stress roll off his back. However, sometimes your roommates don't make that process easy.

Cameron's design is based off of contemporary animation, sharp thick outlines, square-ish physique. His design is actually reminiscent of my first experiments with flash animation, but that seems to be similar across the board in a lot of today's stuff. Granted…most flash produced TV is slop…I'm willing to overlook animation fluidity if the stories are good, but most…eh. it gives Flash a bad name which is sad because flash is just as capable as old school animation of making good looking animation. Anyway, I'm rambling…