Suprise Closet

Aaronthewolf on Nov. 9, 2012

Mako finally resorts to getting the R.A. to break up the little get together that Max as throwing as well as get him back inside the dorm room, but once they get the door open Mako gets quite a shock when he discovers no trace of the party.
So yeah, the Samhain arc is late to end cap and I can't tell you how much that bothers me. But Sandy and Athena and set me back quite a bit. I lost power for a few days during Sandy, then Athena knocked out my internet and cable for a few days. I really don't have the right to winge, it could have been way worse. Additionally my laptop was gone for a week or so for repairs so I had to work on this strip using a friends machine when they could spare it. Man can I pick lemon laptops or what. Next time I'm going with a nice tower P.C., and I'm certainly checking reviews first next time.
I don't really have any animation opinions or general musings to mention this week. It's actually been a while since I have prattled on about that. But I tend to reserve it when a strip pertains to a trait, trope, or whatever when it comes to animation. I guess i could talk costumed references, but I'd rather leave them up for you to guess at.
Anyway, I'm heading on off…I got the next episodes script to write, and a animation to finish. See you next week.
P.S. It appears I've been featured on the main page…HOW AWESOME IS THAT! Wow…I never thought that would ever happen! Thanks DD!
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Also, check out the animated short if you are here because of the feature. It's not Disney Quality, but hey it's the best work I've done so far.