The Bold War

Aaronthewolf on Nov. 21, 2012

Mako once again writes home as a war of bitter silence has taken over the once loud and boisterous dorm. Mako's pretty happy about it though, at least on the surface. But subcoonsciously is it nagging him worse than he realizes?
It's been a while since I did a Mako letter to home. Don't get me wrong, I wanted too…but It needed to “fit”. I had a Mako home comic pinned as far back as ladt year, with no real plot to it, and as such it kept moving backward as the writers block concerning it continued. Finally it all came together with the current story arc, and I think it works well, and I'm happy with the way the effects turned out. I revised the letter writing graphics to make it feel more like it was actually written on paper. An effect I feel really ended up helping the feel and humor of the peice, allowing me to cross out words and leave scribbles in for comedic effect. Anyway, i gotta head off now…Some freelance stuff awaits. See you next week.