Amelius on May 23, 2012

I was delighted to see that there was some discussion on the last page about certain details! It makes me so happy when I put a hint or clue in and people notice! :D
Nick could tell you, I was just waiting for someone to notice Daray had his hand on his knife and that there were knives on the wall like the one behind Torie's back. :)
Since there was some questions about Daray's wanted poster, I shall address! The last time his parents (who commissioned the artist's rendition) saw Daray, it was in a wagon with his head wrapped and the “enhancement” that Kavonn gave him for talking sass to him. They assumed, of course, this was a personal choice and he must be running around Kellwood setting fires to houses in this fashion. I was going to have Torie here mention the difference between the poster and the Daray that's before her, but it was getting too talky and there wasn't enough room. Drawing out a scene like this could start to get boring, if I was updating a little more than once a week I could draw it out a little longer, but a once a week update necessitates moving the scene along!
As to the question of how their eyes work, the1truesushiboy, I suppose I might have to ask for elaboration on the question, I shall discuss it in the forum if that's alright!