Amelius on Jan. 29, 2012

Sorry this is a little late, but I've been making some decent progress on one of the ongoing projects I've been working on!
Good news though, the new website is drawing ever more near (though I still need to finish and send some stuff to my awesome web designer!) and there's so much stuff I've been working on that I'm super excited to show youseall! I hope you like stuff, because that's what's coming. New stuff! What new stuff? You'll just have wait and see! :D

*edit* since I had to fix a panel-border mess anyway, thought I'd say one more thing that I forgot to include here! There seemed to be a little confusion about who young Daray is speaking to in this flashback since it's been… hoooo, hundreds of pages since we got his backstory? :P

So here is a little refresher! ( I really oughta do this more, honestly!)

The blue-haired fella is Darryn, Daray's older brother (by some years) whom he idolized, and who met a gory fate in the river while trying to save his little brother from drowning. Daray's parents never forgave him for the death of their favorite son, and especially hated him for trying to be like (replace) Darryn… but they hated him even more when he stopped trying altogether. I'm sure you'll notice he's wearing Darryn's necklace for this trip, and his brother has been on his mind a couple times during this arc, first when he took the Dragonscales (the very same sitting in his lap on the page before this one)and when he was certain he'd hit rock-bottom in the Death Gorge, because he's paranoid about getting his head smashed by rocks. It happened once already! The Onekamari village is very close to the Demon Market, so a lot of the anti-Dragon sentiment could be drifting over from there as well, or maybe this carpet salesman's people have a beef with the scaly ones themselves?