Milky on Jan. 6, 2008

Yay, it's not an update! But it's even better! Not really! I'll shut up now!

So, ANYWAY. It's my turn at DD Zombies, so head on over! I will be putting up new stuff there every day this week, so check it out. It features all your favorite characters. And by “all your favorite characters” I mean “the two characters in this comic that aren't the king or any of the elites or the lawyers or the little green dude or the squirrel or that one hot chipmunk chick in the bleachers (you know the one) or the cute wolf or that dragon thing, or that other dragon thing, or the flying butt, or for that matter, any of the mosters, or the squirrel (who might be defined as ”monster“ if you want to hurt his feelings and break his spirit).” Damn, I didn't realize I had so many evolving and rounded characters. :P

Anyway, please go and look! It had guns! And Zombies! Eventually!