He's so c-c-cool...

Fitz on March 25, 2010

Interesting fact: Originally, long long before it became an icon of pop culture and the symbol of globalization, John Pemberton's concoction was marketed as a medicine.

Now, for a little backstory: Dr K.Ovalsky was one of the first characters I drew specifically for this comic - the other one being Poe, the potato. But Cole is older than either of them. Waaay older! He's about… 16 years old! Yup. Back in the day, Cole had a little strip of his own. It was my first attempt at a comic strip format. And not a very funny one, at that. Plus, Cole was… green. Coke is red, Pepsi is blue - so the only color I had left on the RGB scale was green. And at that time I didn't know Mountain Dew existed.