Jonko on April 30, 2009

Hello all!!! I'm in the middle of Golden Week, so I've been working on this comic a lot! Hopefully I'll be able to get 2 pages in this week!!! So yes, next page you'll find out more about Robert Lafaye and about Lui!

Soriyu: Thanks! NEver thought of this becoming a movie. That would be fun!

dgdrake: I agree, uber dramatic sit

theskunktrainer: I agree, wouldn't want that much training either.

usedbooks: When they're little it's mostly like an orphanage. Once the kids are older it's mainly the schooling that's different. Kind of like a more intense version of a military school.

Aghammer: Maybe this page is too plain, but I'm working on it!

theorah: I force my characters to do a lot. Guess it's tough love!?