Damnit Gmail

Korona Korm on Sept. 7, 2010

Yeah, so if you haven't heard, on Saturday there was a rather large earthquake in Canterbury, down south.
Give or take 300 aftershocks since then, or something like that…
Fortunately there were no deaths.
However our news media has been in overdrive, I'm sure something else is happening somewhere, if there is, I'd love to hear about it. Because while interesting, an hour and a half a night is a little too much for me to handle.

Comic. So I was checking Gmail when I saw that advertisement, and I cringed. Would have probably spit-taken if I had had liquid in my mouth.
There was probably a better way of doing this, but I chose this way.
Hopefully will return to normal comic making in the near future.

And to all those in Christchurch who are suffering right now, my deepest sympathies. If I could get down there I would be helping with the clean up right now.
-Korona Korm