Chapter 1, Page 13

alschroeder on Dec. 1, 2010

From Neil:

“If Energize is going to stand a chance of stopping these cretins, then he's going to need some back-up! Now where do you suppose he's going to go first? Hmm…

”Also, it appears as though Cecelia Frost may have…erm… relatives in other realities."

Beautiful third page by Nepath of ENERGIZE. Again, I was knocked out by the huge panel of Vector showing off against Energize's immense power. Vector (designed by RedDeath of BAD GUY HIGH, BTW) is sort of a cross between Unus the Untouchable and Parasite—he can deflect energy aimed at him and divert/warp it elsewhere, to be used as needed. The mangaish girl is named, Sycho Suki (designed by Xmung of MAGELLAN) and Firearm is unmasked and her real name revealed.

Next Tuesday we change focus, as Mindmistress takes the stage—but trust me, we'll be returning to Energize's reality VERY shortly.