Janen on Oct. 19, 2007

PLEASE READ THIS: This is the end, it was a great ride being it my first webcomic and all. I wish I could have done a better job of spreading the word, but oh well. The volume after this is a prequel, it focuses on how the Nephilim organization formed, historic figures, Sisu's and Meallan's past, etc. However, there is still one non-storyline which will be published on Tuesday. On Thursday I will officially open the second volume Per Ardua, so see you here on Tuesday and there on Thursday.P.S. The fact that Zeph is that synchronized with his Ancient should shock you.

Credits: Me, Angel Marloes. Also I want to give special thanks to Peipei for sticking with my comic for so long, I kid you not your single comments at times kept me drawing, thank you. Of course all you people are special too and have my gratitude so don't get jealous, you know who you are…I hope otherwise you have amnesia ;)