Enough - p1

Ryjia on July 27, 2009

Le gasp! Is it me, updating?

Edit: I've now updated this story for a booklet of Tea Tales doujinshi circle, you can buy it here.

That´s Enough, Dutch.

Updates every day untill it´s end.
pages 1-8

This was a real challenge. Usually I try to hide what I suck at (hands, feet, backgrounds, perspective) but not this time. I also tried to keep the quality constant (unlike the last comic), so the last pages look the same (stylewise) as the first. It´s not a really long doujin, but it´s enough.

Introducing Rei and Tony. Teens with troubles. Rei´s singing in the hairbrush is a stressreliever… (I love doing it myself lol) Tony looks… pensive.