Voting On The Award Design

Niccea on June 10, 2012

(We will have a couple more tutorial comics later)
 And here we are!The voting for the award design is finally here! Let's meet our contestants. (I think some of these are more political cartoon than trophies.
First we have Kroatz with a design that matches the new color scheme.
Call Me Tom features our old mascot back to his old drinking habits. (Of 502 proof liquor no less)
Next we have our duck by usedbooks that has been crushed by the goose that laid a gilded egg.
This one that was made by me is just 502…cause that is what the site looks like to me…a lot…
Bravo1102 has a cheery duck that is not in danger of dying anytime soon.
This trophy by fukujinzuke looks like a display for a comic book shop. (A lot of those buyers got ripped off).
Royduncan100's submission is just too awesome for words. I just took a small clip of it for the sake of this page. His submission in its entirety is on the next page.
To vote just go here or you can just PQ me. Voting ends on the 11th.