Dragonstone model sheet

repoman on Aug. 14, 2009

Howdy. This comic is my place to post misc. art, character bios, fan art, and other stuff associated with my webcomic, Endstone.

First up is the model sheet for Colindra “Cole” Montaigne, AKA Dragonstone.

Name: Colindra “Cole” Montaigne
Aliases: Dragonstone
Race: Human-deerish
Age: 20 Height: 6 ft. Weight: 125lbs. Hair: Black Eyes: Green

Stoner: Yes
Over-Stones in possession (known): Banestone, Dragonstone, Charmstone, Headstone, Rainstone, Toadstone

Cole is the daughter of Jon Montaingne and Kyri Thunderhead. After her parents died battling each other at the Eternity Spire 15 years ago, Cole was raised by Lord Quandel of St. Louis. Being half-animal and also an orphan, Cole has always felt like an outsider. She currently possesses the Banestone, which has driven her insane. Her goal is to reunite the Banestone with the missing Endstone — bringing about the destruction of the world.

She currently lives in a penthouse on Manhattan’s upper eastside.