Lightstone - Model Sheet

repoman on Aug. 15, 2009

Pablo Montaigne AKA Lightstone model sheet.

Name: Pablo Montainge (pronounced “montane” with a long “a” and silent “g”)
Aliases: Lightstone
Race: Human
Age: 58 Height: 6 ft. Weight: 30lbs. Hair: None (originally black) Eyes: None (originally brown)

Stoner: Yes
Over-Stones in possession (known): Lightstone, Lifestone

In life, Pablo Montainge was the master of the Lightstone and guardian of the Banestone. He was murdered over twenty years ago. However, recently he was brought back to life. His goal once again is to secure and safeguard the Banestone and make sure it is never used.

Even though he is undead, Pablo still enjoys smoking cigars.