Vol. 2, Chapter 1 : Escape, page 8

Biev on June 9, 2009

Aude and the monster under the bed are getting a bit more physical and it is disturbing the children.

Holy freaking lack of equipment, Batman. I'm really close to giving up on traditional media. This is actually a photograph of a really big drawing in color pencil (where are my prismacolor and what is this Laurentian crap?) over a supposed-to-be-black-but-comes-out-grey-in-the-end cardboard. I had to cut it up into pieces in Photoshop and adjust the contrast and color piece by piece then glue them back together with magic and rainbows. It took me ages to get to this result that I'm not even satisfied with, which I suppose makes me a real artist… (-_-);

Anyway, next weekend I'd like to work on the site a bit, so I'm gonna try to get a new page done the following weekend and have it up by Monday, June 21. I'm not too sure what I'm gonna have access to in terms of art supplies, but it's definitely not gonna be pencil, cause I'm fed up for a while!

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