Character Concepts: Paul-Henri Sabatien

jodimest on Feb. 15, 2010

This is Paul-Henri Sabatien, a Stone Martin, or “Fouile”, a Frenchman, a mercenary, and a hated rival of Fred Savage. Fred believes in abiding by a code of ethics as guiding principle. Paul-Henri believes that society's morals serve only the weak and isn't above betrayal and murdering non combatants in the name of self-preservation.

Paul-Henri's penchant for intrigue and betrayal nearly cost Fred his life. Fred later retaliated by attacking the Frenchman, an explosion putting him into a coma. As retaliation for his long internment in an African prison, Fred sold Paul-Henri to organ smugglers, but unbeknownst to Fred the marten would wake up on the operating table.

Horribly mutilated and riddled with infection, Paul-Henri's new found frailty only sharpened his homicidal cunning. Where once he spent time perfecting his olympian physique, he now plots his revenge on the Dingo that made him this way.

This is another character for the Fred Savage comic concept, part of a brainstorming effort to shape the characters and personalities.