Chapter 7: The Other Witch pg 11

Vig Starmax on Nov. 21, 2012

Co-plot and script by Gunwallace.

Alrite, here’s the next page, a little early.

Regarding writer’s block and how it affected this chapter: the original story was really long and had a darker theme. I actually wrote, rewrote, wrote several more drafts, chopped the story in two halves and drew a bunch of pages before realising my story did not work.

Then I had the good fortune of having Gunwallace to assist me with finishing this chapter. And all the problems with the previous scripts became extremely apparent.

The thing is, I have a basic outline for the series but it was very abstract and kept changing, a work in progress. So, one day, I set down and wrote an extensive bible on the series , my roadmap to everything Hocusha: her origin, motivations, future storylines, subplots, everything that was swimming aimlessly in my mind. Seriously, writing it all down and fleshing things out worked wonders for my writer’s block . But, real life problems had to rear its ugly head before I could finish this chapter for good.

Thanks to all of you, again.